Nurse Taking Notes


NephroGenx® harnesses the power of clinical research to improve patient care, as well as kidney disease outcomes. Although our primary area of focus is Nephrology, we aim to provide clinical trials and support for a broad spectrum of clients. The formula of NephroGenx® is originally led by a passion for helping others. Studying complex patient co-morbidities in medicine has led our team into a career that allows us to help our patients find ways to manage their diseases, through the use of clinical research. Sanctioned by a professional Certified Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP-C) and Nephrology Specialist, the company brings a holistic approach to medicine in order to find comfortable and effective solutions for a diverse client population. With that same level of attentiveness in mind, NephroGenx® has been able to expand to highly-characterized disease state bio-specimens that are critically needed for research through clinical trials. NephroGenx® has acquired the industry talent and facilities to grow a patient practice into a Phase-0 research center, and provide bio-samples to clients world-wide. NephroGenx® utilizes the power of clinical research, while still providing high quality health care.


Working with Clement and his team is easy and comforting. Blood collections are fast and painless and you can tell that they are very skilled and experienced. I'm so proud to be participating in research and helping others who are struggling with kidney failure. And being able to earn compensation for a simple blood sample is an added bonus! Thank you Nephrogenx for the opportunity!

Skyler Adelson


I have loved my experience participating at Nephrogenx. Clement is a highly experienced practitioner and helped me better understand my treatment path as I battle against advanced stage Lupus. He and his team always make me feel comfortable and at ease. I'm privileged to have a chance to be part of making a difference in medical research.

Kris Michaels


The Nephrogenx team is easy to work with, attentive, and thorough. They make each patient feel like VIP and the research participation is fast and can be incorporated into standard of care. It's great to know that I can make a difference for others struggling with HIV in south Florida by participating in HIV dialysis research projects through a small donated sample of blood.

Frankie Bolder